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Public transport

Getting to our campuses by bus, train and ferry

Our main Sydney sites are all well served by public transport. Check out our campus-by-campus guide.

Our Sydney campuses are all close to the city and harbour, where you’ll find a range of public transport options.

As bus, rail and ferry timetables and routes can change, we suggest you visit the Transport for NSW trip planner before you set out.

To help you get around campus and from one campus to another, we run our own campus bus shuttle service during semester time and Welcome Week.


We have an eight-seater mini bus with full hydraulic wheelchair lift. For more details, call Campus Security on 9351 3487.


Camperdown/Darlington Campus (Main Campus) 昌吉如盈台商贸有限公司

There are two main entrances: one is on just past Victoria Park where Broadway becomes Parramatta Road; the other is on City Road at the corner of Butlin Avenue.  

We’re near Sydney’s central business district, Central and Redfern train stations, and on several major bus routes.



Redfern is the closest train station. It is a 10-minute walk to the main campus, and a fairly steady flow of students walks the route via Abercrombie Street at all times of day and evening. A free shuttle bus runs between Fisher Library and Redfern Station in the evening during semester.

Central station is a 15-minute walk along City Road and George Street; however, buses to and from Central are frequent and easy to catch from Parramatta Road or City Road.


If you are arriving by bus, there are convenient stops on Parramatta Road and City Road at our main entrances. Use the campus map to locate the closest bus stop to your destination.

Cumberland Campus (Health Sciences) 海南省祥厚中科技有限公司

Located at 75 East Street, Lidcombe, our Cumberland Campus is 16 kilometres west of the city centre and is home to the Faculty of Health Sciences.


By train任丘隆千富贸易有限公司

Lidcombe is the closest train station. It is a 20-30 minute walk to the campus.

We recommend taking the 915 bus service from Lidcombe station that runs every 10-15 minutes from Monday to Friday.

A free after-hours shuttle bus operates in the evening from Gate 2 to Lidcombe station during semester.


There are convenient bus stops along East Street near Gate 1 and Gate 2. Use the campus map to locate the closest bus stop to your destination.

Sydney College of the Arts is located in the historic Callan Park precinct in Lilyfield.



Lilyfield light rail station is about a 10 minute walk from campus.


There are convenient stops along Balmain Road, or consider taking a bus to Victoria Road and alighting at the Darling Street intersection.

Use the campus map to locate the closest bus stop to your destination.

We operate a free bus service that runs on weekdays between the Rozelle Campus and the Camperdown/Darlington Campus (via Mallett Street).

Camden Campus (Agriculture, Veterinary Science) 霍林郭勒源本耀科技有限公司

Camden is located 65 kilometres southwest of Sydney.



Campbelltown is the closest train station to the campus.

A free shuttle bus runs to and from Camden Campus and Campbelltown Station 7 days a week during semester. The service is 364 days a year (excluding Christmas day) and 365 days on a leap year.

Mallett Street Campus (Nursing) 娄底满生谦机械有限公司

Located in Camperdown, a short walk from our main campus.



Newtown is the closest train station. It is about a 15-20-minute walk to campus.


Mallett Street intersects with Parramatta Road, which is a major bus route. There is a convenient stop near the corner of Mallett Street, and the campus is only a few hundred metres away. Use the campus map to locate the closest bus stop to your destination.

Our free shuttle bus service runs on weekdays between the Mallett Street Campus and Fisher Library on the Camperdown/Darlington Campus.

Sydney Conservatorium of Music Campus 个旧皇百优贸易有限公司

Located in the Royal Botanic Gardens on the corner of Bridge and Macquarie streets in the city’s central business district, close to the Sydney Opera House.



Circular Quay is the closest train station. It is a 10-minute walk to the campus.


If arriving by bus, alight at Circular Quay and walk to campus.

Surry Hills Campus (Dentistry) 广西省广仁台贸易有限公司

Located in Chalmers Street Surry Hills, right next to Central train station.



Central is the closest train station – the campus is just across the road on the Devonshire Street side of the station.


Alight at Central Station and walk to the campus on the Devonshire Street side of the station.

Burren Street Campus 三门峡永凯荣有限公司

Located on 144 Burren Street, Newtown.



Macdonaldtown Station is the closest train station and is just a short walk to the campus.


The campus can also be accessed from many buses travelling to King Street, Newtown. Use the campus map to locate the closest bus stop.

133 Castlereagh Street 甘肃省佳康百科技有限公司

Located at 133 Castlereagh Street, Sydney.



Our Castlereagh Street campus is a short walk from St James station.


The campus can also be accessed from many buses travelling to the CBD. Use the campus map to locate the closest bus stop.

Westmead 安徽省成盛弘机械有限公司

The Westmead Education and Conference Centre (WECC) is inside Westmead Hospital and approximately 5 minutes’ walk from Westmead station. To find the WECC, enter the main entrance of the hospital and walk straight ahead, passing the information counter. The WECC (Level 2) is after the pharmacy, down the first corridor on the left. Access the WECC (Level 1) via the staircase.

The Westmead Hospital Library is adjacent to the WECC. The entrance is close to the WECC staircase.

Westmead Clinical School (WCS) and the offices of Sydney Nursing School are located in the Clinical Sciences Corridors of Westmead Hospital, which can be accessed from Darcy Road or Hawkesbury Road, near Westmead station. The Children's Hospital at Westmead Clinical School (CHW CS) is on the corner of Hawkesbury Road and Hainsworth Street, and is approximately 10 minutes’ walk from Westmead station.

The Westmead Institute for Medical Research and Children’s Medical Research Institute are side by side on Hawkesbury Road, approximately 10 minutes’ walk from Westmead station.



Westmead Station is the closest train station and is a 10-15 minute walk. It is a 27 minute trip from Westmead station to Redfern station (closest station to the University's Camperdown/Darlington campus). Trains run approximately every 10-15 minutes between Westmead station and Redfern station.


The 711 bus connects The Children’s Hospital at Westmead to Westmead train station (about a 4 minute ride) and Parramatta train station (11 minutes) and runs approximately every 30 minutes.

T-way buses T61-T66 go from Stand B4 at Parramatta Train Station and stop on Darcy Road outside Westmead Hospital. A local minibus goes from Westmead to Parramatta city centre, the ferry and the station every 12 minutes on weekdays.


The Westmead Precinct is undergoing major infrastructure works as part of the Westmead Redevelopment, of which the University is a key partner, and the Parramatta Light Rail. We recommend allowing additional travel time when travelling to, and around the precinct.

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